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Memory course

Our evaluation indicates that you would benefit from training with our "Memory" course to improve your performance. The memory exercises work to enhance your memory. This will help you to recall information better, and remember dates and names with ease. Cognitive performance can influence your salary by up to 15%, so it makes sense to train your brain to perform at its best (Jencks, Harvard University, 1979).
Exercises per day: 5
3-5 3-5 training sessions per Week
Follow-up course:

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The science behind NeuroNation

NeuroNation was created in cooperation with Berlin’s Free University and Dortmund’s Technical University. The exercises incorporate unique gaming elements, and are designed to keep you motivated when training. A study by Prof. Dr. Niedeggen of the Free University Berlin proved NeuroNation’s working memory training to be effective. NeuroNation was awarded with the Leonardo Award for digital prevention by the German Federal Ministry of Health and the German Health Insurance AOK.
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