Group Packages

Have fun together

Challenge your friends, compare your performances and motivate each other. NeuroNation is proven to be effective, and now training in a group can make it even more fun. Make the most of our promotional offer for your friends and acquaintances today!


Increase Productivity

Poor concentration often has negative effects on your productivity at work. This in turn can lead to a lack of self-confidence and psychological pressure. NeuroNation training can help. Numerous studies have shown: our training is effective and sustainable.

Geistig fit bleiben mit Gehirntraining

Stay mentally fit

Cognitive performance declines with age. Keep yourself and your loved ones mentally fit with NeuroNation. Users can play with family members and compare their progress. NeuroNation brain training has won many awards for its effectiveness. Save now with our promotional offers for families!

Save up to 50% with NeuroNation

How does it work

1. Sign Up
Group members first sign in for free. An individual account is then created for each member.
2. Invitation
The group package must be purchased by one person. The purchaser of the package may then add or remove members from his or her account. The maximum number of group members is limited according to the size of the package purchased. You can manage your group member settings under "Settings" -> "Groups"
3. Train together
You can start training immediately after you receive your invitation. Compare your results in real time, by inviting members of the group to be your friend. Simply send out friendship requests to the appropriate group members.


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